Monday, April 23, 2007

Welcome to Cow Town

Cow Town is a farm at the Tulip Festival that houses more than enough baby animals to keep the kids busy for hours. Chase was not impressed with being licked by the calves. Taylor spent almost 45 min trying to catch this chick (I think it finally gave up)
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Our trip to California

What a gorgeous day in the city. We walked the Golden Gate bridge (very windy) and then went into Sausilito for Ice Cream and to feed the Pigeons :-)

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We took the kids back to two of my favorite childhood stomping grounds - Samuel P.Taylor Park and PT. Reyes. It was great to take my kids back to places I played when I was their age.
Can you find the lizard on the log?
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Happy Easter

This is our early Easter with Ryan (Chase slept through Easter in California) His favorite thing was smashing the Peeps between his fingers - Taylor now owns a box of Peeps that are all missing their heads.
It didn't take little Zachary long to figure out what to do with the eggs!

Easter in California. Julia, Matthew and Taylor.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

A sad ending for one little frog

Chase loves to chew on the heads of Taylors littlest petshops! They seem to be the perfect size to put in his mouth and then make a loud spitting noise as he pops them out or he just lets the legs hang out and munches on the head for awhile. His favorite seems to be the frog for some reason!

More Tulips!!!!!!

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Tip toe through the Tulips........Tulip Festival

We took the kids to the Tulip Festival in Mount Vernon this weekend. There are tulips for as far as your eye can see. It was pretty amazing. I would love to see it from an airplane!Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Never ending home improvements!!!!!!!!!!!!

Home Sweet Home!
(did you notice blue skies again)
This was last years project - the front yard. We planted seed last year and had grass in no time. Washington is amazing if you need to grow something. How many places can you live - plant grass seed and actually mow a lawn 3 weeks later - crazy. We have added a little landscaping to the front and hope to do more this year.
Our goal is to have our backyard completed this June. So here are a few of the many projects we have started. Yes, it might look like we have grass -it is really all clover! This too will be replaced with hopefully real grass. The Pergola (still in process) is on our back patio. We still have to finish the columns and then I need to find a climbing plant that is not covered in flowers (Taylor is allergic to bees) to grow on the Pergola for shade. This is one of my favorite projects in our backyard so far.

Here we go again......the building never seems to end. So this time we are adding this shed in our backyard that will double as storage on the bottom with a clubhouse for Taylor on the top (with a set of pull down stairs inside). The idea is to make more room in the garage by moving stuff to the shed (ya right). It is turning out great. I guess I get my barn after all - I will just have to wait to get the animals :-) We are off tomorrow morning at 5 am on our adventure to California for Easter!
Wish us luck!
Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Well - it's been another fun week. Let me catch you up on our big event this week.
1) DAD turned 60 (Moms not too far behind-shhhhh)
2) Taylor moved up a belt in Karate. We are so proud of her.
3) and Chase chipped both his front teeth on our tile floor - brilliant.
So, the Chase story. Chase gets a little impatient when he is crawling and sometimes does not move his arms as fast as his body - hence the FACE PLANT. This time he managed to face plant on our kitchen floor and came up bloody with a V shaped chip in his two front teeth. He seems to be doing fine. Like teething wasn't bad enough - OUCH.
My Dads party was fun. We had everyone over to celebrate and had the richest white chocolate mousse cheesecake every -it's insane, but it was a good day!
Kids are asleep so, I think I a will go steal away a few minutes by myself.
Have a great week!
See you soon Jenni and Tamra!!!!!!!!!!
Happy 60th Birthday DAD!!!!
Taylor's last day as a Yellow belt. She and Ryan are standing outside waiting to go into her Karate graduation. See we do get sunshine in Washington :-)

Taylor sitting proudly at her Karate Graduation on Saturday night. She just graduated from a Yellow belt to a beginning Orange belt. WAY TO GO TAYLOR!!!!!! KIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!