Saturday, June 30, 2007

More room

Taylor's windows with beaded doorway coverings - way cool!

Her new desk area-

it has yet to been seen if there will actually be homework done on this desk or if it is just a knick knack holder.

o.k. I like the lights -

Chase wants to rip them down every time we turn them on, but for now they are kind of fun. I had a lot of fun doing her room and OH MY was she excited when she got home - she didn't stop screaming for at least 5 mins. It was well worth all the late nights.

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Taylor's big surprise

!!!!!!TA -DAH!!!!!!
While Taylor was at camp this last week I took creative liberty to decorate her room alittle. She loves the beach and wanted to bring some of that indoors - so here is what we came up with. First her sleeping area - Hawaiin floral with bright stripey bed, finished off with a grass bed skirt.

This is her book case that we just organized and put some pictures on.

I was up late and thought, what the heck I will paint a picture to hang on her wall. Something special from me in the room (not too bad for midnight)

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Laundry Help or Laundry Hinder????

How can you ever say no to those big blue eyes!

It wasn't me Mom I promise.....

Yes, if you haven't noticed by now- Chase has underwear on his head. He kept stealing Taylor's underwear off the couch while I was trying to fold and put them away. Taylor was at camp and could not defend herself - so we had fun! Chase was running down the hall with the underwear on his head and turned around when I called him and fell into the box - what a nut!
I am glad to say that he finally gave up the underwear and moved on to something else.
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Hi HO, HI HO, it's home from camp we go.......

She made it all week and not one phone call home! She had a blast and wants to go again next year. They did too many activities to even list. She came home stinky and her voice is almost gone - that spells a good time when your 9 :0) The camp is right on the lake so water activities everyday - we're talk'in Ski boats, canoes, Kayaks, water trampolines, 15' jumps onto big inflatable bouncy blow up things, they even camped outside on an island for a night. She is definitely pooped tonight. Chase was so excited to see her. He just stared for a minute and then wanted her to hold him the rest of the morning. He played with her all day in her room. Where ever Taylor was there was Chase right behind her. Taylor even keeps a basket of his toys in her room so he has stuff to play with when he is in there. She is so good to him!!!!!! I am so glad to have her home - We missed her so much. What a great way to start your summer vacation! She was out of School Thursday and at camp on Sunday.

Big bear hugs from Dad!

Grandma Susan, Taylor and Chase! I am smiling behind the camera - isn't that the way it goes for Moms??????

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Monday, June 25, 2007

This one's for you Jen!!!

A few years ago (I won't say how many) I flew my sister Jenni into Seattle for her 30th B-Day. We stayed the night in Seattle and then went to Oprah's live your best life conference. It was a blast!!!! Dove is a huge sponsor of Oprah (thank goodness this was before their whole naked campaing idea) anyway, Dove had the T.V. you see behind us and you could type in what ever you want and then take a picture. So ours said, "Beauty is Sisters"- oooohhhhh how sweet. I wanted to write - Beauty is a horse, but Jenni wouldn't let me (Black Beauty, get it???) I just came across this picture the other day and had to post it for the world to see :0) Maybe we will get to do this again someday!!!!! Love you Jen!

I was just having fun with this one......Jenni had such a, "It wasn't me", smile - that I thought a Halo was perfect, although the horns aren't really me at all (haha).

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Chase and Taylor love to play with his Race track he got for his Birthday. He thinks it is so funny that the van in the blue row goes so slow - he puts that one on the track and then gives it a good push.
Both my babies are growing up so fast. Taylor will be 10 in July and Chase is already 1 - my how time flies when your having fun.

Move over Donald Trump! Taylor is quite the Entrepreneur. In fourth grade they teach the children about economy and the value of money. You spend a few months earning "school money" and then on one of the last days of school the students get to hold a student store and sell their goods (supply and demand) Taylor and Grandma Karen finger knitted scarves, Grandma Susan helped with homemade dog biscuits and then she added a few more treats and things to her store. She had pricing signs and displays - she even dressed up for the event (surprise- surprise) like a real store owner would. She just cracks me up - I can't wait to see what she does with her life -the skies the limit with this one!
Taylor is heading off to camp tomorrow for a week. She is attending a Christian camp on the lake in Bellingham with Two of her friends from school. They get to swim, rock climb, ride horses, sleep in cabins and just have tons of fun. We will miss her, but I hope she has a great experience. Maybe I will take this opportunity to clean out her room, sssshhhhhh don't tell.
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Karate Graduation

What an exciting night! Taylor has been taking Kenpo Karate classes since last October - tonight was her graduation up to her Orange belt. She says she wants to go all the way to Junior Black Belt (takes 4 yrs.) I hope she sticks to her goal. She has been practicing her handstands and can almost out stand the boy that has been able to hold his the longest so far. Watch out Alex hear comes Taylor!!!!!
Yes, Chase must first taste the belt to make sure it is authentic :0)

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Run to the Border

Grandma Taylor and Kandice (Taylor's friend) at the finish line of their 5K run to the border.
Taylor has been training for about 3 months two days after school each week with a group of girls from the YMCA so they could participate in the Blaine - Run to the Border. It was a blast - We are so proud of her. It was awesome to watch her run across that finish line with Grandma cheering her on.

Grandma Susan, Chase, Grandma Karen, Papa Bear and Taylor.

(yes, it rained all day)

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June 8th - Chase's Birthday in Seattle

Grandma Karen and Papa Bear sent me this cool motorcycle that I didn't open until my Birhtday - That's my story and I'm stick'n to it!

This Little Piggy went to the Market.

Pike's Market in Seattle.


MerTaylor and MerPig.

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Believe it or not - not one piece of Birthday cake made it in his mouth, but a whole bunch made it on the floor. We didn't want to destroy the wonderful Hard Hat cake Grandma Karen made so we gave Chase a Cup Cake to see what he would do - good thing we didn't give him the cake :-)

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Chase's Birthday Party

Thanks Aunt Brittany, Uncle Nicholas, and Carson. Taylor loved the Dinosaurs too.

Chase has figured out how to work this one all on his own. You push the red button and music plays and balls pop out of the top - very cool.

Even a Hard Hat Birthday Cake - AAAWWWHHHH

Happy Birthday to me!

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Happy 1st Birthday Chase - June 8th

Grandma and Grammy got me this cool swing that I love (as you can see).

I had a construction party and got to wear a bright yellow hard hat!

Quick story - I walked into the the living room to find Chase with the hard hat over his face running around making car noises and bumping into walls and furniture (must take after his Dad's side of the family - haha)

Honey I'm home!

Thanks Herrera's - I love it!!!!!!

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