Friday, August 31, 2007

Wake me - I must be dreaming.....

Chase's debut in the Bellingham Herald - We went to the fair the middle of August and all Chase wanted to do the ENTIRE time was sit on the tractors. No rides, No animals, No food - just sit on the tractors and of course add his own engine side effects the whole time. He is actually sitting on my lap right now saying- Whoa, Whoa and making engine noises just from looking at the picture. I see tires and metal and grease in his future :0) oh ya - my Mom was not happy about having her picture in the paper.

Big Fish

Here is too Taylor's last year of elementary school. Can you believe it??? 5th grade and then on to Middle School next year. She was lucky enough to get the Teacher she wanted and have her Friends in her class. She is pretty excited. Chase,Cassidy and I got to go with Taylor to meet her teacher and see her classroom before school started -that was fun. The first days of school have gone really well so far.
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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fun Fun Summer

One of the families Ryan has done alot of work for just moved to Alaska. They left this John Deer tractor behind for Chase (when he can reach, it has peddles and a chain like a bike).
He absolutely loves it!!!!!
If you haven't seen the curls yet - I am sure you have heard about them. Her hair is so easy to do now with all the curls - Thanks Grandma Karen.

Taylor bought htis boa at the fair and Chase thinks it's funny to wrap himself up and run around the house with all the feathers flapping around. Let's hope he out grows this one :0)
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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Marine Park

We decided to spend the evening at Marine Park soaking up the sun and the wonderful view. Chase was in Heaven because he had a beach full of rocks to throw (his new favorite thing). It was a gorgeous night. We stayed just about till sundown - just laying on the grass and throwing rocks - what a wonderful saturday night!!!
I htought the water was cold but Chase did not seem to mind. If you noticed no pictures of Taylor lately - she is still in Utah with Grandma and Papa Bear. We get to pick her up this Tuesday - I miss her tons!!!!!!
Gotta love the hair - he needs the top trimmed again, but it was fun to have it spiked for the day.
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Sand in the City~

We heard about an event in Bellingham called Sand in the city. It is a sand sculpture competition- amateur and master classes. So we thought we would go check it out. It was small but fun. They had big sand boxes for the kids to play in - Chase thought that was great.

Ryan wishes we were out in the Kayak and not sitting on the beach. Maybe next year!
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