Monday, October 15, 2007

The REMODEL!!!!!

So we had the pleasure :0) of going to California last weekend to knock out the first wall in my sisters remodel project. Their kitchen now goes a few feet into the garage - giving them much needed space inside the house. It was kind of crazy, but Ryan did an awesome job. Ryan even rerouted some wiring without getting shocked (I believe that's a first). I love seeing the before and after - it's amazing what you can do to change a house.

This would be David (my Bro. in-law) hard at work (I believe this is first too)
Zachary wanted to help too. We found out he's pretty good with a hammer.
TAH-DAH!!! Here it is, the new wall. I can't wait to see it with counter and cabinets. I think they should leave the original bright green paint - what do you think?
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