Thursday, April 17, 2008

Down on the farm

We had a great sprig break. Here we are at Cow Town in Mt. Vernon. It is a big barn with all kinds of baby animals. Chase was not impressed by being licked by the calves, butted by the goats, rubbed on by the pigs and so on. He was very content to be carried around. I don't even have any pictures of Taylor and Cassidy because they were so busy tending to all the baby animals that we couldn't find them until we went to leave.

Right at home on my tractor - he did want down to sit on the tractor of course.

By the way, the reason we were at Cow Town was because we wanted to see the Tulip festival, but, guess what - no Tulips!!! It has been too cold so they are not even blossoming yet - we will have to go back at the end of the month after the Tulip festival to see any Tulips. It is pretty amazing when they are all in bloom. I will post pictures if I get any this year. Spring break was fun and relaxing and now it's back to the old grind!
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Can you spell TROUBLE?

WOW -this face has trouble written all over it and he can back it up!!!!
Last week was Spring break and instead of going anywhere big we went on a few little day trips. One of the days we found ourselves in Monroe at the Reptile Zoo. As you can see by Chase's face he was a bit shocked by what he was seeing. It was pretty funny watching him run from snake to turtle to crocodile to lizard growling and jumping up and down in amazement.

He did muster up enough courage to put a finger on the snake.

Taylor on the other hand was right at home with "Buttons" snuggled in her sweatshirt.

Too bad Dad is afraid of snakes :0(

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Fun with Rainbows

How many rainbows can you find in this picture?
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Friday, April 4, 2008

The unexpected nap

There is nothing better then falling asleep where you are just because your tired. I absolutely love when he does this - granted it does not happen very often, but when it does I just have to smile. I put him in the chair as I was walking by and came back to him snoring away.
Smile tons, Play hard, Laugh loud and Sleep deep - all in a days work.
(By the way he has had a hair cut since this picture - man does this kid have hair!)
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Amtrak to Seattle

CHOO CHOO!!! Every year we go with my Mom's class on their Amtrak field trip to Seattle. This year it was to the Aquarium. I haven't been to the Aquarium forever so it was fun to go again. Chase could have stayed at one tank he entire day and watch the same fish swim by. He hated to leave one tank to go to another. The older girls did an Aquarium quiz - that kept them busy running around the Aquarium. The train ride as usual was a blast. It is such a gorgeous ride and it was a wonderful sunny day.

The diver that was in feeding the fish posed for a picture with the kids - very cool! How would you like that job???? I was not great a picture taker that day because I realize these are the only two pictures I have from our trip - owell maybe next year. So, basically we went on a train and saw a bunch of fish :-)

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