Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Completed Yarn Bugs!

The Far Out Yarn bug

The real Bug Yarn Bug

The Polar bear yarn bug

And a random picture Taylor took that I am still not sure how it got on here?????

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Take a look at this mouth full of teeth - OUCH! (Taylor can testify to that). So compared to some of the other Blog sites I visit - we are very amateur photographers - ok we don't even claim to be good, but what can we day - we still have fun doing it.
Happy Thanksgiving!!! The only way we can get Chase in posed picture is to hold him upside down - then he thinks it's a game and will play along. I am wanting to get the kids pictures taken together, but I think they will all end up being of Taylor because Chase hates the camera. Maybe we will try it anyway.
This was the first picture we tried and Chase was trying to get down the whole time. Taylor couldn't even hold him anymore so we reverted tot the upside down version in the previous picture - whatever works! As you can see the weather was beautiful on Thanksgiving!
Taylor, Cassidy and Grammy making their Thanksgiving day crafts. They made yarn bugs - they turned out so cute and they were pretty fun to make too.
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Saturday, November 3, 2007


Happy Halloween
So here we are carving pumpkins that actually came out of our garden. We had 3 big enough to carve and about 8 small one for decoration - which I carved anyway! It was a fun night. As you can see Taylor was prepared with her apron - the rest of us just went for it.
Chase and I went to Walgreens and he bought his first candy collecting pumpkin. He loved carrying it around that day. If he only knew that the best was yet to come.
Yes, Chase was a Dinosaur. I thought it was great because he would stay warm with the head covering and all. He had issues with having purple paws - for some reason he just make them work to pick up any of the candy (they actually folded back so he could use his hands again). Chase loved trick or treating. He got to go with the big kids. Taylor and her friends would take him up to the front door and them help him load his bucket with candy. He would get so excited about a candy bar that he would hold one in each hand and set his pumpkin down on the front step of the house and run away. That was all he needed - just one candy bar for each hand.
This picture is rare because he is actually sitting still and even looking at me. Sorry no pictures of Taylor yet. My camera was dying so my Aunt took the rest of the pictures - hopefully we will see them soon. She looked really good too as a Graveyard Fairy. Halloween is Taylor's favorite holiday. You get to dress up and no one can tell you not to.Posted by Picasa