Tuesday, May 22, 2007

more yard -

The transformation of our yard!

I had to get this Japanese Maple.

This is the first time my Rhododendron has bloomed! YEAH!

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The Never Ending Story -



No - you're not seeing things it really is grass. Ryan has had some time off so we went full force into the backyard. We were able to get most of the basics done - it is really starting to come together! I love it!!!!!!!!!! Ryan has done a great job and has been very patient with me. I keeping coming home with more plants and all he says is were do want them, so between taking turns with Chase I think we have gotten alot done.


I had to buy this plant - I can't remember what it's called, but look at those beautiful flowers. I can't what it see what it does.

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Friday Harbor - San Juan Island

Chase and Cousin Carson on the Ferry headed out to Friday Harbor.
I love the Ferry and my picture taken :-)
Carson always ready for a photo opp.

Ryan, Chase and Taylor on the beach at Friday Harbor.

Ryan and Chase exploring the tide pools. We had great weather -it didn't start raining until we were nice and comfy back on the Ferry headed home. Chase and Carson loved to hold the tiny crabs and put their fingers in the Sea Anemones while Taylor and Nicholas dug for clams.

Girl Power!

Taylor's debut in the Jr. Ski to Sea parade.
Taylor has joined a running club after school through the YMCA. They train for a few months and then enter a 5K race from Blaine to the Border (June 9th). Their theme is Girl Power - hence the pink Super Girl cape! Aunt Brittany, Uncle Nicholas and Carson were visiting from Utah, so they went to the parade too (yes, it rained)

Taylor, Grandma Susan, Chase, Brittany and Carson.

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Seeing Spots...................

So you thought you were having a bad day?
What a long few weeks. Chase started out with mild ear infections around the 1st of May. He was given Amoxcillian (?) and next thing we know we're seeing spots! I don't think they were itchy, but oh my they sure didn't look fun. He had red little spots from head to toe (literally).
I am glad to report that all the spots are gone and he is back to his pale white self :-)

Spots in my ears.

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Monday, May 7, 2007

Daddy's Little Helper

It's all I can do to keep Chase out of the backyard when he sees someone out there - so today we went for it. He helped wash the car and get the dirt ready for Sod tomorrow - YEAH!!!!!! As you might have noticed he is standing and not crawling. He is a full time walker now - once he figured out how to stand up on his own there was no turning back.

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Home of the Seattle Mariners

As part of the field trip on Thursday we toured Safeco field (Home of the Mariners). We went down on the field, in the visitor locker room, press box and Mariners Dug Out. Touching the grass on the field is a big NO NO - so you can imagine trying to keep the kids off the grass was fun :-)!!!! At the end of the tour each student got a Mariners T-Shirt.
Taylor, Cassidy (cousin) and Chase on their Safeco field tour.
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------------Happy Birthday Ryan---------------

33 - 33 - 33 - 33 - 33 - 33
In case you hadn't heard - Ryan turned 33 on May 5th!
"Cinco de Ryo"
Taylor's balloon hat from Seattle seemed perfect for the occasion.

And they think I put weird things on my head........

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More fun in Seattle

Tanya, Sue and Chase in the Mariners Dug Out.

Cassidy and Taylor at Pikes Place Market downtown Seattle.

(Taylor actually got on the bus with that hat on - what a nut)

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Move over Jerry McGuire

The Next Seattle Mariners Manager!
(Chase was even slamming his hand down on the podium
to make sure everyone was watching him)
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On May 3rd Taylor, Chase and I went with my Mom's school class on the Amtrak from Bellingham to Seattle. Chase seemed to think it was a pretty comfy ride.

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