Wednesday, December 19, 2007

All in a days work

Chase loves Dinosaurs. He makes a funny little growl sound when you ask him what a dinosaur says. Since he doesn't say many words yet we have been practicing animal noises - he is very good at making noises.
It was all I could do the other day to get anything done so, we pushed up a chair to the sink and got some cups and let him go for it. He stood there for over an hour while I got dinner ready. He was soaked, but it was sooooooo worth it.

Taylor had her second recital for her voice lessons. She did very well! She sang the First Noel. and of course, true to Taylor fashion she chose a beautiful Renaissance dress to perform in :0)
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What does a horsey say?????

Grandma Karen and Papa Bear sent Chase this horse that he can ride and when you press it's ear it makes horse noises. Chase is very good at these noises himself - so he runs around the house making just as much noise as the horse does. Notice he won't put down his car to ride the horse though.

He was kissing the horse on the nose over and over for some reason???

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Completed Yarn Bugs!

The Far Out Yarn bug

The real Bug Yarn Bug

The Polar bear yarn bug

And a random picture Taylor took that I am still not sure how it got on here?????

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Take a look at this mouth full of teeth - OUCH! (Taylor can testify to that). So compared to some of the other Blog sites I visit - we are very amateur photographers - ok we don't even claim to be good, but what can we day - we still have fun doing it.
Happy Thanksgiving!!! The only way we can get Chase in posed picture is to hold him upside down - then he thinks it's a game and will play along. I am wanting to get the kids pictures taken together, but I think they will all end up being of Taylor because Chase hates the camera. Maybe we will try it anyway.
This was the first picture we tried and Chase was trying to get down the whole time. Taylor couldn't even hold him anymore so we reverted tot the upside down version in the previous picture - whatever works! As you can see the weather was beautiful on Thanksgiving!
Taylor, Cassidy and Grammy making their Thanksgiving day crafts. They made yarn bugs - they turned out so cute and they were pretty fun to make too.
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Saturday, November 3, 2007


Happy Halloween
So here we are carving pumpkins that actually came out of our garden. We had 3 big enough to carve and about 8 small one for decoration - which I carved anyway! It was a fun night. As you can see Taylor was prepared with her apron - the rest of us just went for it.
Chase and I went to Walgreens and he bought his first candy collecting pumpkin. He loved carrying it around that day. If he only knew that the best was yet to come.
Yes, Chase was a Dinosaur. I thought it was great because he would stay warm with the head covering and all. He had issues with having purple paws - for some reason he just make them work to pick up any of the candy (they actually folded back so he could use his hands again). Chase loved trick or treating. He got to go with the big kids. Taylor and her friends would take him up to the front door and them help him load his bucket with candy. He would get so excited about a candy bar that he would hold one in each hand and set his pumpkin down on the front step of the house and run away. That was all he needed - just one candy bar for each hand.
This picture is rare because he is actually sitting still and even looking at me. Sorry no pictures of Taylor yet. My camera was dying so my Aunt took the rest of the pictures - hopefully we will see them soon. She looked really good too as a Graveyard Fairy. Halloween is Taylor's favorite holiday. You get to dress up and no one can tell you not to.Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 15, 2007

The REMODEL!!!!!

So we had the pleasure :0) of going to California last weekend to knock out the first wall in my sisters remodel project. Their kitchen now goes a few feet into the garage - giving them much needed space inside the house. It was kind of crazy, but Ryan did an awesome job. Ryan even rerouted some wiring without getting shocked (I believe that's a first). I love seeing the before and after - it's amazing what you can do to change a house.

This would be David (my Bro. in-law) hard at work (I believe this is first too)
Zachary wanted to help too. We found out he's pretty good with a hammer.
TAH-DAH!!! Here it is, the new wall. I can't wait to see it with counter and cabinets. I think they should leave the original bright green paint - what do you think?
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Friday, September 21, 2007

Hungry - Hungry Hippo

I need to apologize for the fuzziness of these pictures. Yes, it is the picture - your eyes are not really that bad! My camera does not want to focus all the time recently - which makes it very hard to get a good picture (I see a new camera in our future). Anyway, Chase was given this big purple Hippo by a friend of mine and he loves it. And "Yes" for all of those Moms out there wondering if these balls are all over my house. I even found one in the fridge today. It has been nice to have the purple hippo because we have had some rainy days so this has been great indoor entertainment.

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Who slipped Chase the sleeping pill??

I had to take these pictures for two reasons - 1st - it is just so darn cute and 2nd I could not believe he was actually asleep. Chase is not know around here for his sleeping. He goes, goes, goes until you put him to bed - he never just falls asleep of his own free will. This was a Sunday afternoon right after church (I guess 3 hrs. of church wore him right out). I picked him up out of the highchair and put him to bed - where he stayed for over an hour. Don't you wish it could be this easy everyday!!!!!!

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Friday, August 31, 2007

Wake me - I must be dreaming.....

Chase's debut in the Bellingham Herald - We went to the fair the middle of August and all Chase wanted to do the ENTIRE time was sit on the tractors. No rides, No animals, No food - just sit on the tractors and of course add his own engine side effects the whole time. He is actually sitting on my lap right now saying- Whoa, Whoa and making engine noises just from looking at the picture. I see tires and metal and grease in his future :0) oh ya - my Mom was not happy about having her picture in the paper.

Big Fish

Here is too Taylor's last year of elementary school. Can you believe it??? 5th grade and then on to Middle School next year. She was lucky enough to get the Teacher she wanted and have her Friends in her class. She is pretty excited. Chase,Cassidy and I got to go with Taylor to meet her teacher and see her classroom before school started -that was fun. The first days of school have gone really well so far.
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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fun Fun Summer

One of the families Ryan has done alot of work for just moved to Alaska. They left this John Deer tractor behind for Chase (when he can reach, it has peddles and a chain like a bike).
He absolutely loves it!!!!!
If you haven't seen the curls yet - I am sure you have heard about them. Her hair is so easy to do now with all the curls - Thanks Grandma Karen.

Taylor bought htis boa at the fair and Chase thinks it's funny to wrap himself up and run around the house with all the feathers flapping around. Let's hope he out grows this one :0)
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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Marine Park

We decided to spend the evening at Marine Park soaking up the sun and the wonderful view. Chase was in Heaven because he had a beach full of rocks to throw (his new favorite thing). It was a gorgeous night. We stayed just about till sundown - just laying on the grass and throwing rocks - what a wonderful saturday night!!!
I htought the water was cold but Chase did not seem to mind. If you noticed no pictures of Taylor lately - she is still in Utah with Grandma and Papa Bear. We get to pick her up this Tuesday - I miss her tons!!!!!!
Gotta love the hair - he needs the top trimmed again, but it was fun to have it spiked for the day.
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Sand in the City~

We heard about an event in Bellingham called Sand in the city. It is a sand sculpture competition- amateur and master classes. So we thought we would go check it out. It was small but fun. They had big sand boxes for the kids to play in - Chase thought that was great.

Ryan wishes we were out in the Kayak and not sitting on the beach. Maybe next year!
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