Friday, September 21, 2007

Hungry - Hungry Hippo

I need to apologize for the fuzziness of these pictures. Yes, it is the picture - your eyes are not really that bad! My camera does not want to focus all the time recently - which makes it very hard to get a good picture (I see a new camera in our future). Anyway, Chase was given this big purple Hippo by a friend of mine and he loves it. And "Yes" for all of those Moms out there wondering if these balls are all over my house. I even found one in the fridge today. It has been nice to have the purple hippo because we have had some rainy days so this has been great indoor entertainment.

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Who slipped Chase the sleeping pill??

I had to take these pictures for two reasons - 1st - it is just so darn cute and 2nd I could not believe he was actually asleep. Chase is not know around here for his sleeping. He goes, goes, goes until you put him to bed - he never just falls asleep of his own free will. This was a Sunday afternoon right after church (I guess 3 hrs. of church wore him right out). I picked him up out of the highchair and put him to bed - where he stayed for over an hour. Don't you wish it could be this easy everyday!!!!!!

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