Thursday, February 5, 2009

Family Update - Our move to Utah

We have been in Utah for almost 2 weeks now so I thought would fill you in on what we have been up to. The move went really smoothly thanks to family and friends. We have been so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives!!
Ryan was able to find a job with in 2 weeks which was amazing - he is working for a large construction company out of Salt Lake. He is currently working on the Montage in Park City. From what I hear this is a huge Ski Resort project at Deer Valley. The Hotel actually sits between two ski runs - it is going to average around $3,000 a night. He was offered great pay with benefits. Once again we have been so blessed. he is tired from the long hours, but feels grateful to even have work. We hope to have Ryan in school within a year and working towards his Construction Management Degree.
Taylor started school this week and so far loves her Teacher, the kids and the school. She keeps saying, "everyone is so nice". The girls across the street both go to her school - one is even in her class - they have been great to her. She already wants to have a slumber party this weekend - my social butterfly! She had to go back to elementary school to finish sixth grade here, but I think it will be a good transition to Junior High. She starts Piano lessons next week -she is so excited! She loves to be busy!!!
Chase has been sick but seems to be on the mend this week. We are hoping to get him into tumbling or something he can do during the week so he doesn't get bored of just Mom. He is loving all the snow - and he keeps saying, "Sun Out!!!!" I guess this is something new for him :-)
He does not call it home yet, it is the New House. Overall he has done really well with the move.
And I have been trying to make a house a home. Each day I add a few touches that make it feel more cozy. I'm sure it will take no time at all before it looks like we have been here forever. I am learning my way around again and exploring all the new places that have sprung up all over.
Below are some pictures of our new house and neighborhood. Once again we are so lucky for our families. Ryan's family has let us borrow a car until I get one, and my family for this beautiful home we get to live in. We love you!!!
What would our house be without a church out the front door?
The view from our driveway.
This is our new house!!

Here is the backyard -
Chase went out to play in the sunshine.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Meet Kimmi Kitty

Last summer this kitten was found with siblings in a dumpster. They were rescued and bottled fed and now one of them lives with us. She has actually been a great cat - she even tolerates Chase. She kept squinting at the flash - I guess we will turn it off next time.

Thanksgiving Point

We didn't even make it a week without going to Thanksgiving Point.
Taylor's favorite place to go ever since she was little. Chase was not as impressed -
"Scary Dinosaur Noises" He did however really enjoy the 3-D Africa movie.
Every time an animal would pop-out he would rip his glasses off to make sure they weren't really in front of him.
Very stylin....

Twinkle Toes.............

This is what happens when you have a sleepover with your Sister and Cousin.
The hair and fingernails really finished the look............

Taylor's Going Away Party

Some of us were able to witness the insanity first hand - for those of you that were spared -
here is a brief glimpse of our evening.
The game was pop a balloon and perform the "DARE" that was inside.
How many dum-dums can you fit in your mouth???
I have since found chocolate covered insects and salt & vinegar crickets!
Boy......were you girls lucky!!!!!

Let's get this party started...............

Anyone have change for a dollar????
A crazy night - but, OH how we will miss all of you!