Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Heart Strings

Children know just what strings to tug on when it comes to the heart - Taylor handed me this poem tonight that she wrote about Chase for a school assignment.

Here It Comes!
A very energetic little boy
Tearing through the living room
My 2 year old little brother
A bit shorter than my waist
As cute as a kitten
Destroying everthing in sight
With his little hands and teeth
Jumping and running around in the big room
by Taylor Bennett

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year

Ryan practicing for this months Snow cave camping :0)

Taylor, Cassidy and Chase. Look at the sunshine. It was such a beautiful day. What a great way to start the New Year!

After Chase go tired of sledding down the hills on his stomach we coaxed him into the tube and by the smile on his face you can tell he liked that. He kept saying more, more. We all got a good workout hauling him back to the top.

Nothing like a bottle to finish out the day!

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Mount Baker

It seems that it has become a tradition to go sledding at Mount Baker after Christmas. This year was gorgeous and there is plenty of snow as you can see.

Chase all decked out in his new snow gear.

He has no idea what we are doing here but he was excited.

OK - not so excited in this picture. (it gets better) He wanted to walk and not ride in the sled but it was so deep he couldn't move his little legs. Later he did figure out a pretty good army crawl that worked to get him through the deep snow.

Taylor enjoying a series of tunnels that someone had dug in the side of the hill.

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Christmas 2007

I think Taylor is having a good Christmas - What do you think?
Chase took his time looking over each item as he opened his stocking - that is after he finally got up @ 9:00 am.

OK are boys just born knowing what do with power tools and cars??? It amazes me that he even knew what to do with the drill. Maybe he was paying attention during his nine months at Grainger :0) He is working on Ryans Nascar PEZ dispenser.


This is Taylor rocking out to guitar hero.

She is actually very good (when Ryan will let her play)

Thanks Julia for the Red lip gloss it made the outfit!

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