Sunday, June 8, 2008

5th grade Science Fair

SO what brand of TP do you use.

Last week was 5th grade Science Fair week. Of course Taylor could not grow a plant like the rest of her class she had to test which brands of toilet paper are more biodegradable. You will pleased to know that her findings are that Scott 1-ply is by far the most easily biodegradable. (just in case you are wondering)

Taylor giving her presentation to anyone and everyone that stopped by her booth at the Fair.
She did such a great job and has a very strong aptitude towards Science.
Graduation is Thursday and then off to Middle school -
Hopefully next year will be as great as this year!
Congratulations Taylor!

MO Presents

Aunt Tracy and family got him this really cool water sail boat play center for outside. Can you believe the box actually says that the convenient height is designed to keep children clean - are you kidding - he was soaked in 2 seconds and he loved every minute of it.

Ryan actually go him to smile for the camera. This is a first, usually he runs or hides his face.

So this was the big present from Mom and Dad. "The Train Table". Anywhere we go that has one of these table, banks, playlands, toy stores, ect. that is all he wants to play with. So why not have one at home? Great investment - he has already been totally captivated with this table - not to mention the older girls seemed to enjoy the trains as well :0

It's not so Terrible being 2.........

Today was Chase's 2nd Birthday!
As you can see we opted for the Hot Wheels theme. Everyone got a new Hot wheels car to try out on the track (centerpiece) Chase doesn't really know what it means to have a birthday yet - so when we would say happy birthday to him he would kind of halfway smile and say YA! I'm sure he was thinking - what is up with these people????

Gotta love Costco sized cupcakes

He did enjoy blowing out the candle - so of course we had to relight it a few times to he could continue blowing it out.