Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I'm not sure if he was looking at the eggs on the ground or his race car Easter basket. He picked up the first Easter egg and yelled ball and threw it across the room (we had to hunt inside because it was raining) surprise, surprise! After we showed him that they actually went inside his Easter basket - he did a little better and only through a few - he loved to hear them crack when they hit the ground. Nothing soft about this one.

Taylor showing off her very colorful Easter outfit. This year we did a word unscramble/treasure hunt game for the older girls to find an egg or a prize, but they still had more fun watching Chase throw the eggs. I am sure the girls laughing didn't encourage him at all :-)

Chase's race car Easter bucket -he is not quite as obsessed with "Cars" since he discovered "Free Willy", but there just didn't seem to be the abundance of whale baskets this year so he got Cars!- can you believe he actually wants to sit through a not cartoon whale movie.

This is what happens when you eat a bright blue sour gum egg! Makes my mouth water even to look at the picture

We hope everyone had a great Easter.
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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Dinosaur Field Trip

Last Friday I took my cousin on one of her class field trips. We went to the Everett Mall to a store called Dig It. They teach the kids about fossils and then let them find and recover a fossil of their own. Chase liked the play Dino outside the store the best.

Taylor and Cassidy drilling their finds.

Cassidy hard at work!

OH YA - Chase's other favorite part of the field trip was the space ship in the mall.

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Chase absolutely loves popcorn. He will go in the pantry and grab a bag of popcorn and take it to the microwave. He gets so excited for a movie (usually CARS) and popcorn.

So if you ever find Popcorn in my couch cushions now you know why!!!!!!

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