Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tub Time

With the weather being so nice lately we have been spending alot of time outside.

Chase and outside = alot of dirt which = alot of baths.

So his new thing is my bath tub full of bubbles. Taylor has been gracious enough to play with him so I can still get some things done. He turns on the jets and watch out world - I can hear him laughing through the entire house -which makes it all worth it.

Not only does he like to bathe in the tub, it has also become a very versatile place that he can stop in for a drink when needed.
I was thinking of some of the crazy things he has has been doing lately and have
compiled a short list below:
(Where is all this stuff in the "Your Child is 2" books????)
1)Today he pulled almost all the keyboard keys off of our laptop computer in about two minutes
2) anytime there is a window open he has been breaking the little black pulltabs
off the screens from the inside.
3) Most of our floor vents are closed because he will put anything and everything down them - he even takes the cover off so he can get bigger items down it.
4) We bought him a train table for his Birthday and screwed the track down so he wouldn't be able to take the track off - well, he walked out with the bridge and a few pieces of track in his hands last night - screws still attached!!!!!!
5) He had a handful of nickles (he got out of my purse) but he had his PJ's on and didn't have any pockets -so he put them all down his diaper for safe keeping - Surprise!
6) We are trying to start potty training - so far he loves the potty but can't seem to make anything happen. He just sits there looking down saying "PeePee Out"
7) He loves to collect all the worms from our yard and put them in big piles, not so bad but,he pulls up the landscape paper to find them.
Crazy as it is I wouldn't trade being a Mother for all the money in the world.

Jello Flag!

~Happy 4th of July~
I learned a very valuable lesson making this Jello Flag cake, that is:
"Never transport a Jello cake"
I was so excited to see if it turned out like the picture that I completed the cake at home and failed to think what would happen if I had to drive with it to Ferndale - HMMMM.
Well we all took turns trying to smooth out the ride for the cake, but by the time we got there - it really didn't look like a flag at all. All the blueberries slid off - the whip cream melted and then the top layer began to give out.
Owell - it was a good try -
Hopefully I saved you all the same heartache :0)

99 Bottles of Jam in the Kitchen.........

So if you ever ask yourself- what does 80lbs. of strawberries look like?? Well let's just say that we did 82 jars and have 5 gallon bags frozen to add to the Raspberries when they are ready. What a fun day though. All the kids had a great time picking (we should have weighed them on the way in and the way out), Then my Aunt, Dad and I stayed up way to late canning the last of the strawberries. Can't wait for the the other berries this summer!!!

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