Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This makes it all worth it!!!!
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's all in the box......................

So what do you do on a Rainy Sunday afternoon???
Of course you haul in a box from the garage and make it into a
new condo for your kids.
It's still all in the box - you buy a gift and they play with the box. I'm thinking this Christmas - huge refrigerator box (minus the refrigerator) the perfect gift! I think this box has been in our living room for almost two weeks now and they play with it everyday. I say "they" because not only do Chase and Taylor play in it - I have also found a few other adults that will remain nameless in there as well - you just can't help but get in the box! just in case you are curious - we got the box from a friend to put our large mirrors in - we can't claim the 50" flat screen - we just want the box................

Chase's new hobby is to "read" the toy magaiznes we are getting in the mail this holiday season. After he scans the magazine for up to an hour he will sit down and point out all the things he wants me to buy! He turns every page - comments on every toy and then settles on the ones worthy to buy.
I am hoping for short term memory loss Christmas morning. I am really enjoying this age of exploration and discovery - I love to see them grow and develop new skills and personality. One of a kind - just the way I like them!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

~~~~~ 6 Random Facts ~~~~~

The Rules:
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Here you go - Everything you never thought you wanted to know:

1. I am terrified of water. I couldn't sleep all night after watching "The Guardian". Yes, I live in Washington - more water than I ever wanted!!!!
2. My new passion is Swedish Pancakes - if you haven't tried them you really need toooooo
3. I love gadgets. I think there should be a gadget for everything!
4. I hate surprises. It kills me not to know.
5. I am a Virgo - that pretty much says it all don't-cha-think.
6. I want a dog, but I haven't found one that doesn't shed, bark or poop.

Now it's your turn I tag..........Elissa, Brittany, Rocky (if she ever checks hers), Jennifer Rand,
and Bonnie J.
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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat

Here's the whole gang on Halloween. I think this was the first year that we
all dressed up. It was a "Hippy" theme for our Church trunk or treat party - as you can see I was the only one that stuck to it......Mike Meyers......

This is the new don't take my picture hand.
I don't even take that many pictures and
he still hates it.

The Duck Pond was where Chase spent most of his time.
How many ducks can I fit in one net???? and how wet can I get before someone tells me to stop?????

Taylor and some family friends (Philip & Ilene) ready to go play in Fairhaven.
Chase was sad he couldn't go with the big kids :0(
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