Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Taylor has been taking piano lessons for a few months as was ready to participate in her first AIM judging competition this Saturday. She was so nervous, but did fabulous. The students have to take a theory test, pitch hearing test, memorize and play two songs, sight read a song they have never seen and then compose an original song and write a paragraph about it, Sheesh.....I'm glad I never took piano :). She did amazing! We are so proud of her.

So Chase has had hair issue since the day he was born. The main issue has been having too much of it. Up to this point he has let us cut his hair religiously, that is up until a month or two it is a complete nightmare.......he won't let anyone touch him and he has become quite the helmet head. Sunday was it - I couldn't stand it anymore. It took three of us, one to hold him, one to hold his head still and one to run the clippers. As you can see from the pictures -we did it. I can see his cute little face again. Hopefully this cut will last for a few weeks.

Chase is becoming a good shot with the Nerf gun - don't turn your back :)


Brittany said...

I am so proud of Taylor, she has such a natural talent for music!! And I love Chase's haircut! Those are cute pictures!

JoeKatie said...

Way to go Taylor! I took piano in college and got progressively worse each semester.

Nice hair cut Chase. Three people! Sounds like when I have to wash Jared's hair.