Friday, July 3, 2009

Back from Girls Camp!

This was Taylors first year at Girls Camp. She spent a week up in Heber -weather was mostly great. It did rain and hail on them while on their hike, brings back great memories of camp in Washington. She just got home this morning - boy did we miss her!
She had so much fun and she hasn't stopped talking since we picked her up.
They hiked, they laughed, they cried, they sang and OH did they dance :)
Chase and I have spent the last hour learning all the camp dances.
I am so grateful she had a wonderful experience and made so many new friends. Taylor has always loved life and really knows how to have a good time -
we love her and are happy she is home again.
(you can tell by Chases face in the pic. how much he missed her)
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Brittany said...

That is a CUTE picture!! I can't believe she is old enough for girls camp! How fun!! I am also glad to see a new post on your blog! Keep it up! :)

rocky said...

good greif girls camp! She is growing so qiuck. I miss you guys think about you all the time!